An innovative, patented solution, made in France. Fully automated storage.

Fully automated storage

« I can rinse down my boat automatically after each trip. I swipe my card. I key in my code. My boat stores itself, in the secured boat park. Its barcode label gives it foolproof ID. And I’m away in just 2 minutes. »

A reliable and proven system

The first automated dry port experiment was made in Marseillan, in the south of France. Launched in 2007, this innovative and patented concept has gradually been recognized as an alternative to the port. This concept is even considered as a major complement to the traditional dry port for a certain category of boaters, who wish to use their boats without constraints of schedules and operating.

Patented innovation
Made in France


Your boat is always available. You can enjoy it when you want.


This automated boat storage solution is the most economical on the market.


In complete security, your boat is stored with no human intervention in under 4 minutes.


Innovative dry-storage port designed by Phar'O is the most environmentally-friendly port solution.

Our know-how at your service

Available 24h/7

Speed launching (< 5 min)


Simple use

Simple maintenance



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A sustainable solution

Phar’O sustainably addresses the shortage of spaces while respecting ecological and environmental constraints, in particular removing marine polluting substances, cutting noise pollution and improving air quality as well as saving space with a smaller footprint on the ground of 30% to 50% compared to traditional dry storage.

In our dry storage system, your engine is not stay in the water and is out of danger. Our teams rinse it with fresh water. Your boat never stays in the water, unless being actively used. It is always available in perfect working order for your maximum enjoyment under optimal conditions.

A revolutionary port solution

Using a magnetic card and a personal code, the customer orders the retrieval of their boat. A crane takes the boat from its box and places it on a truck, vertically to the water. The user then simply needs to lower the truck via the console, performed manually for safety reasons. Once the boat is afloat, and in order to clear the drop area, simply pull the boat along the wharf for a few metres and close the console. The boat is ready to embark. The entire launch time is no longer than 5 minutes. The same for port the boat.